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It is one of the few tools that allows an extreme flexibility (because of its adaptability to plug-ins) on what’s being monitored and alerted for a low cost. A highlight of this product is that it comes with pre-configured network monitor device templates. These contain pre-defined monitoring parameters and intervals for specific device types.

, displays network connections , routing tables, and a number of network interface and network protocol statistics. It is used for finding problems in the network and to determine the amount of traffic on the network as a performance measurement.

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The tool automatically discovers network devices and deploys within an hour. Its simple approach to oversee an entire network makes it one of the easiest to use and most intuitive user interfaces. It will allow you to monitor and map everything like virtual machines, wireless controllers, servers, traffic flows, etc.

Remotely manage all your devices without interrupting end-users through a robust suite of remote tools. Automate OS and third-party application patching for Windows and MacOS devices with granular controls over features, drivers, and security updates. Components like desktop and printers don’t require frequent monitoring while the components like servers and routers need frequent monitoring.

The product is well balanced when it comes to monitoring and analysis features. A very particular feature of PRTG is its ability to monitor devices in the datacenter with a mobile app. A QR code that corresponds to the sensor is printed out and attached to the physical hardware. The mobile app is used to scan the code and a summary of the device is displayed on the mobile screen. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor is easy to setup and can be ready in no time.

  • The tool makes it easy for you to monitor user experience on a single platform.
  • WhatsUp Gold by Progress is a simple tool for viewing uptime, downtime, and performance at a glance.
  • AWS Lambda can also be used to build a serverless backend for processing mobile, API and web requests.
  • Datadog has two infrastructure monitoring plans— Pro and Enterprise.

Network utilities are software utilities designed to analyze and configure various aspects of computer networks. The majority of them originated on Unix systems, but several later ports to other operating systems exist. In addition to the types of components you’ll be monitoring, you’ll need to think about the quantity as well.

LogicMonitor also has a website monitoring plan for up to 199 devices. It’s used by thousands of organizations, including well-known brands like Samsung, Whole Foods, and Peloton. So, the solution you select must be able to scale and handle changes effectively. Since every organization and their monitoring requirements differ widely, the solution must be customizable in terms of alerts generated and the process for each alert.

There’s a Pro and Enterprise version for Hybrid Infrastructure Performance monitoring. Those plans accommodate up to 199 and 200+ devices, respectively.

It has a certificate monitoring module that will perform automatic scanning of the network for SSL certificates. Icinga modules will allow you to extend your monitoring environment. LogicMonitor provides a monitoring solution with VLC Player deployment options of on-premises, cloud, and hybrid infrastructure. It monitors temperature, CPU, Fan, memory, and other hardware. It correlates network traffic data with relevant application traces, host metrics, and logs, to unify troubleshooting into one platform.

Some solutions are better for lower quantities, while others are built to scale. Automation is crucial for managing a large number of devices on your network. Your process becomes much more efficient if you can monitor as many tasks as possible. You’ll also be able to monitor on-premises, private clouds, and public cloud networks from a single source of truth. The software is robust and gives you complete visibility of the status for network devices, applications, and systems.