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These epic games date back to 1996 and have shaped many of our childhoods. But you don’t have to stop playing Pokémon just because you don’t own a Game Boy anymore. Free – GBC Emulator is that it allows you to emulate the connector cable for Game Boy, using a Bluetooth connection to connect two Android devices. The MPCF driver (GBA MoviePlayer CF-version) is the only one that is supported, so you will need to install it into your application before using it in desmume. You will find that a directory or fat image must be mounted via the commandline or UI for the "gbaslot" configuration.

The Golden Sun GBA game also had a sequel named The Lost Age and the developers also allowed transferring characters and items between the two titles. Picking out the best Pokemon game for Gameboy Advance wasn’t as easy as it sounds owing to the fact that there is a huge number of GBA Pokemon games out there. However, Pokemon Emerald is one of the definitive games that every lover of the series must have played on their GBA. You can easily argue that we could’ve included Ruby or Sapphire but Emerald stood out as the best. The game introduced the Battle Frontier round which wasn’t found in any of the previous editions of the Pokemon franchise.

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VBA-M is fully compatible with all GameBoy (GB), GameBoy Color (GBC), and GameBoy Advance (GBA) ROMs. It has a full save state feature, and you can also speed up your gameplay if you want. This feature comes very handily when you are grinding the levels of your Pokemon team.

So, you can get the best gaming experience by using them along with it. To play the GBA games on your Android, you will be needed to download GBA Emulator for Android. While you can use the Emulator for PC to run the games on your Computer. Everyone knows that the GameBoy is the best-selling handheld console in history.

So experience all the features and play old school GBA games on your Android phones. The interface of the GBA Emulator is user-friendly and easy to use.

  • In particular, if you want Game Boy Advance, RetroArch has you covered.
  • The GBA port used an inspired isometric perspective that really hid the limitations of the GBA hardware.
  • Visual Boy Advance EmulatorWith 10+ years of existence, Visual Boy Advance is one of the most widely used GBA emulators.
  • THPS2 remains one of the greatest extreme sports games of all time, and it held its own and then some on Game Boy Advance.

The port also introduced a new feature, however, called Four Swords. This cooperative mode lets two to four players team up to solve puzzles and defeat baddies in dungeons. I will suggest that you try all these GBA emulators for Windows 10 PC and find out which one works perfectly for your needs, that is, your style, your system requirements, etc. Now, tell me which particular emulator will you try if you want to play GBA games? If you ask my opinion, no matter how good RetroArch may sound, I will still like to go for mGBA because of its simplicity.

Before you can start playing Game Boy Advance games, you’ll need to load them into mGBA. This assumes you have the relevant GBA game files available on your PC. Although the Game Boy Advance was discontinued back in 2008, GBA games are still being re-released on newer Nintendo consoles.

Start playing favorite GBA emulator games now and use the menu on the right to browse game collections. Feel free to comment on and upvote the best GBA games you enjoyed playing! Begin by playing popular Game Boy Advance titles like Pokemon X and Y, Pokemon Fire Red Version, Pokemon Emerald Version and Pokemon Ash Gray. Visual Boy Advance popularly known as VBA is one of the first and completely functional GBA emulators available. Since then, many other versions of the VBA emulator are developed by different developers.

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With this emulator app, you can also take advantage of popular cheat engines like GameShark and CodeBreaker. RetroArch is first on this list because it’s something a bit different. RetroArch is more of a complete emulation solution than just a GBA emulator. That’s in large part because it’s a larger open source project with versions spanning multiple operating systems.